We have a new match!

Greetings Team! Congratulations! We have raised our first $12,000 for Pathways to Hope and the Prison Dog Program through Sr. Pauline. As you know this money went to the program that trained Jackson, who was matched with Sgt Arthur Lyles.

Today we are pleased to announce that Sr. has made a second match with a very special dog named Lance. Lance was one of the dogs that Jackie, Anne and Patty helped transfer to the Southern California Women's Penitentiary with Sr. Pauline. The man who has been matched with Lance is Robert Davis, a Marine, wounded in the Vietnam war. Robert lost both legs and a hand when he stepped on a land mine. Sadly he also lost his best buddy who tried to save him by throwing himself on top of Robert. Then during the evacuation with Robert, the helicopter rotor blades touched off a tree top mine which caused the helicopter to explode. He came to in another helicopter as they were rushing him to the hospital when he found out that his buddy had died. He was in several hospitals, including one in the Philippines and the naval hospital in San Francisco.

Robert has been alone since the 1980s. He has had no attendant and he was very lonely until he was matched Lance. He said that he talks all the time to his dog and Lance never stops listening. Robert said that one time he nodded off in his chair and dropped the television remote control. He woke up to see Lance holding the changer in his mouth by his knee, looking up to him. They are learning together; it takes awhile until they can become a working team.

Robert wants to make the public aware of service dogs, especially for the wounded Vets. He is quite a talker and you can tell, a military man.

He has two sons. One son lives near him and he has a 17 year old granddaughter who wants to be a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician.

We'd like to take this time to acknowledge each and every one of you. You are all making this possible and changing lives. You cannot imagine the difference that you have made in the lives of these 2 dogs and these 2 very brave men that have sacrificed so much for us. We want to thank you on behalf of Barkley Ventures, Inc for supporting Dog Bless America and our commitment to giving back to the community. It is only possible with you and your efforts. As Sr. Pauline said, "if we only help one, we've made a difference." As we write this our hearts are so full of gratitude for you and this opportunity.

We invite you to revitalize your own Dog Bless America programs today and together, lets support Robert and Lance. Thank you all so much for your efforts.


Barkley Ventures, Inc.


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