Pax was a Golden Retriever who was donated to Pathways To Hope by a nice lady in Fresno, California. He grew up living and visiting many prisons around the United States and in Italy. He reached out to love everyone, no matter what they did in their life.

Pax means "Peace" in Latin. Pax was truely a Peacemaker in our world. He loved everyone.

When we got off the airplane, Pax was so happy because he thought that all the people standing there was waiting for him.

At six years of age, he developed cancer and died. He will be deeply missed and I thank everyone who tried to help Pax and myself during the years.

Pax was an ambassador for the prison dog programs.

Sr Pauline Quinn op

Angelo is a black and white mixed breed who has been living at the Dwight Correctional Center in Illinois. He was going to be a service dog but he was hurt too much as a young dog, and the inmates tried to help him.

We need to find a special dog for Angelo where there are no children. The special person who takes Angelo needs to be able to work with him. When he walks with his inmate handler, he is beautiful.

Angelo has some shyness but by introducing him to people, he is ok... letting Angelo smell them before they pet him.

Angelo has a high prey drive and needs to have a calm, stable family life. He would be good to watch the family house. He plays well by himself with toys and bones and will play ball and frisby.

He likes to be rubbed and scratched. He is a very loving dog and a good companion dog for a middle aged person or couple.

Please contact Sister Pauline Quinn at for more information about Angelo.

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